Do you want to find out information on a ship or boat that might be on the register?


It could be a boat that you or your family own or have owned, or have built, or a boat associated with your ancestors or that interests you. Please provide whatever details you have on the vessel in the questionnaire below and I will see whether I have any information. Because there is often more than one vessel with the same name (sometimes 50 or more), the more information you can provide, the more likely that I can identify the particular vessel.

Original name of vessel:
Later names and year that name changed if known:
Type of propulsion:
Type of operation (tug, yacht, etc):
Type of hull configuration monohull, catamaran, etc:
Hull material:
Rig type:
Number of masts:          Official Number:
Year launched/built:
Name of builder:
Place, State, Country of builder:
Type of machinery (steam, motor):   Number of Funnels (0 for nil):
Details of machinery &maker:
Gross Tonnage:             Net Tonnage:
           Length:    Breadth:   Depth:
Hull deck arrangement:
Owners and years owned:
Fate details:
Location if still existent:
Type of bow and stern:
History, voyages, technical details, incidents, etc:
Sources of this information, book references, docs:

A photograph will help identification. Attach the photo if you have one to an email and send to mflapan@gmail.com with the name of the vessel in the header.


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