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Aladdin is a Quintrex 475 Freedom Sport that we use on Sydney and Pittwater. We also hope to go to other waterways in NSW when the opportunity arises.

You may see us exploring in the quiet bays photographing old, unique or interesting boats for the Register of Australian and New Zealand Ships and Boats.


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Some of the boats we have seen are real gems. Famous 6 metre racing yachts, Sydney's old lifeboat that was stationed at Watson's Bay, old tugs and ferries and launches.

If we photograph your boat, we hope that you don't mind. Our intentions are quite innocent. When it comes to historical record, a photo is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes, if we sight an interesting boat underway, we get some really nice photos. If you see us taking a photo of your boat, you are welcome to send an email requesting copies to be emailed back to you. Of course, I might ask you a question or two in return.

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The name Aladdin was chosen because it commemorates a famous whaleship from Australia's past. The ALADDIN was originally the HMS Mutine built in Portsmouth, England in 1825. Renamed in 1842, ALADDIN was sailing out of Hobart Town by 1849. A very successful ship, she was hulked around 1885 and broken up in 1902.

The name Aladdin was also used for a pearling lugger that was built in Sydney in 1893 by Sydney naval architect Walter Reeks. That ALADDIN was not so lucky as she was wrecked during a severe cyclone in Princess Charlotte Bay, Qld in 1899.