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David Newble has a smart 34' cruiser called the Blue Peter that is now kept at Goolwa. She participated in the South Australian Wooden Boat Festival in February 2011.

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 David wrote:

I have a 'gentleman's cruiser' called Blue Peter built in the mid 1930s. It has been billed as a Halvorsen but I have been unable to verify this and expert opinion (National Maritime Museum) seems to favour AG Williams as the builder. Hence I am seeking further help in verifying her provinance. I know that she was in Mosman [in Sydney, NSW] in 1953 before being sailed to Adelaide. She was possibly owned by Charles Walker. At this time she was called Blue Peter but we think she might have had a previous name and it is this we are trying to track down. Any help in doing so would be much appreciated.

The article above is from the Western Australian 26 Nov 1953 .

There is a special challenge with David's boat because her appearance was altered when she was rebuilt after a fire. Originally it appears Blue Peter had three portlights each side of the raised fore deck (see above), now she has just two.

On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 David Newble wrote:

Mori, The photo (see above) was taken at Donovan's Landing at the lower end of the Glenelg River. This is in the South Australian portion of the river before it returns to Victoria to end at Nelson. I have never been there but I think the information is pretty reliable. This is where the boat was neglected for some time, caught fire and sank. It then required transporting to Adelaide to be rebuilt.

I have been trying to get more information on Blue Peter based on the article you located referring to her sailing to Adelaide. Given the high profile of the people who did this I am hoping that there might be more reports from local resources. The departure point was Mosman Bay (which I am assuming is where Mosman is) so I have contacted the local library to see if they can locate anything in the local papers at the time. It would be good if we could identify the local owner at that time. If you have any local contacts who might like to do some detective work please let me know!!

If you have any information that could help David with the history of Blue Peter, please contact Mori by email ...Send email  

For those who have an A.G.Williams boat, there is a Yahoo Group called Williams_boats that can be accessed by the following link: A.G.Williams boats forum