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Ship and boat builders

Every one of the ships or boats on the Register owes its existence to the skills and knowledge of the team of persons who created it from the raw materials.

From the amateur backyard builder to the giant shipbuilding enterprise of iron and steel, from the shipwright on the riverbank to today's production builders of sophisticated high speed vessels, each has left their mark on our national history.

At some time or another, ship and boat building was a key economic activity for many coastal and river communities. It still is in some localities. The fruits of the shipbuilding industry then served to build the economic prosperity of nations through employment, trade, transport, industry and what could be harvested from the sea. Of the pleasure boats, some through their racing or daring exploits became household names, while others just provided fond memories of families and friends afloat.

Sadly, the original creators of many of these vessels are all too often forgotten. This part of the register is intended to focus on ship and boat builders, designers and engine builders.

Lists of Ship and Boat Builders and the vessels built by them

Date compiled
No. of builders
No. of vessels
New South Wales shipbuilders and boat builders
South Australian shipbuilders and boat builders
Tasmanian shipbuilders and boat builders
Victorian Ship & Boatbuilders

Presentation on Sydney ship and boat builders to the Wooden Boat Association of NSW June 2006 (2.4Mb pdf file)

Presentation on Northern Peninsula Boatbuilders to the Manly, Warringah and Pittwater Historical Society 20 September 2008 (7 Mb pdf file)

Known boats built by Norman R. Wright & Sons, Brisbane

Preliminary list of boats built by A. G. Williams at Drummoyne, Sydney

Known boats built by the Halvorsen family at Sydney

Australian and New Zealand Builder's Plaques