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Shaun Quinn is hoping to find Gindurra a good home




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On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 1:19 PM, Shaun Quinn wrote:

Hi Mori ---Just like to thank you very much for all your help in finding Gindurra a new home.Ron ... contacted me after seeing her on your excellent web page. She is now in his loving hands and he intendes to bring her back to her former glory............


The current owner of the Gindurra is looking to find someone who is seeking a boat to restore and who might be interested in taking on the former MSB Patrol Launch. He has indicated that he is very negotiable as to price to the right person. The boat is in need of an extensive refit (see photo below) and the engine is currently not operational. Details of Gindurra from the Register of Australian and New Zealand Ships and Boats is as follows:

Name: Gindurra
Type: Launch
Year built: 1951
Builder: MSB Shipyard
Where built: Goat Island, Sydney, NSW
Material: Wood
Propulsion: Screw single
Machinery (original): Motor 27bhp 3Cy. Ruston Hornsby diesel
Type: Cockpit

PORTS and owners: SYDNEY@'51b51b63 Maritime Services Board of NSW: CHAIN VALLEY BAY,NSWb06 S.Quinn
Length: 36'
Stem: Raked
Stern: Transom
Status: Afloat 2008
History &details: NZ kauri planked. Standard 36' launch. Three portlights in stbd side of fwd coachhouse, two after ones trapezoidal, five windows in stbd side of aft coachhouse. Name aboriginal word for "fog". 1950/10 under construction. 1955-56 reconstructed at Goat Island. 1970 at Newcastle, personnel boat used for pilot, Harbour Master and personnel generally, on duty 24hrs per day. 1983 not listed in MSB fleet, though might have operated in late 1980's at Newcastle. Fitted with new motor by 2006, 80bhp Cummins diesel. 2006 moored at Chain Valley Bay, NSW.

References: CharlesChampion:Fla1:Msb2^1955:MSBL3147(P)

If you are interested in finding out more about Gindurra, please contact Shaun Quinn on 0410 566 520; or Andy Wetherall on (02) 4358 8487.

If you have information on the history of the Gindurra or other G-Class boats that you would like to share, please contact Mori Flapan by email.

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