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This part of the website provides a resource for people seeking to identify, research, find, trade or preserve particular boats.


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  Can you help provide a good home?

  Which boat is that?

  Do you know the history?

  Where is she now?

  Which boats did he build?

  Which boats did he design?



Can you help provide a good home?

Alice Rawson (1907) - Sydney's rescue lifeboat

City of Adelaide (1864) - Emigrant clipper

Emu (1900s) - A 100 year old fishing sloop

Grafton (1907) - A genuine Torres Strait pearling lugger

Kelpie (1893) - a beautiful yacht for sale


Which boat is that?

Sydney Harbour, Shell Cove and Mosman Bay

Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney

Do you know the history?

Australian Customs Service NSW

Blue Peter (c1938) - 1930s bridge deck cruiser

Diana (c1900s) - Victorian fishing boat...but not a 'couta boat

Gooyong (1947) - former MSB launch

Latura (1924) - a restored launch

Nell Gwynn (1948) - former Sydney-Hobart competitor

Parappa (1915) - Classic Tasmanian fishing boat

Pearling luggers of Australia

Protex (1908?) - Early motor ferry launch

Sarah (c1920s) - A SA motor cruiser, previously named Carol J., Joanie M. and Rex

ss Talune (1890) - Mystery Ship's Chair

Tasmanian One Design yachts (1910-1911):
Weene, Pandora, Curlew, Vanity, Pilgrim, Canobie, Gannet

Tasman Seabirds (1950s-60s) - yachts designed by Alan Payne

Tangara (1930s) - a launch once on Sydney Harbour

Terra Linna (1881) - a yacht under restoration

Wirake (1940s?) - A family's pride and joy

World War 2 40-foot Army Workboats

NEW! World War 2 26-foot Motor Dories

Wylo (c1926) - a yacht from South Australia


Where is she now?

Apollo (1953?) - motor launch

Awoonga (1964) - Customs launch

Burraneer later Taeping (1911) - yacht

Jenoni (1958) - H28 yacht

Papagayo - Motor cruiser

Wattamolla (1948?) - putt putt launch

World War 2 40-foot Army Workboats


Which boats did he build?

NEW! The Bull family of Metung, Victoria

Norman R. Wright (including Norman R. Wright & Sons) - Brisbane


Which boats did he design?

George Calkins - USA - Bartender designs

Walter Reeks - Sydney



Alana (1946) - South Australian fishing boat

Enterprise (1902) - A Tasmanian trading ketch

Frances (1947) - A racing 8 metre yacht

Falls of Clyde(1878) - A magnificent 4-masted barque

Gindurra (1951) - Former MSB Patrol Launch

Janlyn II (1961) - Champion Australian Gwen 12

Lenna (1903) - Classic blue gum trading ketch

Norfolk (1958) - 22' motor launch

Oimara - A Victorian ocean racing legend

Viking - Torres Strait pearling lugger