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Where is she now?

The family of the original builder/owner of this Herreshoff H28 design yacht are wanting to know if Jenoni still exists


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Noelene Hoysted wrote:

"Further to the details in the query I sent on your Boat Register website, I am emailing a photo of my Dad's boat Jenoni.  The family would very much like to know whether the boat is still in existence & if so, what name it sails under and where?" 

".... I guess it's highly likely that the person who purchased the Jenoni from my father re-named the boat at the time..."

Name: Jenoni. (named for my sister & myself, Jenny & Nonie)
Propulsion: Aux screw
Designer: Herreshoff, L.Francis
Material: Wood, oregon carvel planked
Rig: Bermudan Ketch
Launched: 1958 (at Church Point)
Builder: Gelling, Chris Leo
Place built: Baulkham Hills, NSW
Length: 28 ft

Owners: SYDNEY@'58 Chris Leo Gelling: 1960s sold to person unknown

History and details: My father built this beautiful boat over 6 years, in between the many chores on his poultry farm at Baulkham Hills. He was a "bush carpenter" with no previous boat building experience. This hand crafted 28ft sailing ketch had extensive use of varnished woodwork, a galley, table & seating, bunks & flushing toilet. It was moored at Coal and Candle Creek from 1958 onwards. Used for recreational sailing & holidays on the Hawkesbury River, Broken Bay, Pittwater, Webbs Creek, & Colo River.

Reference: Daughter, Mrs Noelene Hoysted-nee Gelling.

"I spoke to my older brother tonight; he was in his late teens when dad was building the boat in the 1950's and he and my younger brother helped with the work at times. He actually still has the original Herreschoff plans, so he was able to give me a little more detail.

"As mentioned, the Jenoni was an H28 Herreshoff 2-masted ketch, with an 8ft 6inch beam and 3ft 6inch draft; one and a quarter tons of lead were used in construction. It was ketch rigged and besides sails, it had a Stuart Turner 2-stroke petrol motor. The keel was made of Ironbark, with ribs & stringers of Spotted Gum and the planking exterior was Oregon.

"I would be quite happy for you to add a web page in the Help Wanted section; as you say the current owner may be interested also.

"I've had an email from Jenny, my sister, and she informs me that our Dad sold the Jenoni in the early 1960's, much earlier than I or my two brothers had estimated.  She is quite a few years younger than us and was around the Jenoni more, so her estimate would be correct. 

If you know the whereabouts of the Jenoni, please contact Noelene Hoysted at or Mori Flapan at: ...Send email  

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