Photos of the recovery of ketch Lenna

Taken at Koolewong, NSW during the first week of May 2007.


Pontoons have arrived

Launching 1st of 4 pontoons

Alan Draper, Lady Kendall owner, in his workboat

Veroona, derrick barge

Fuel tank being removed/drained

4 pontoons/barge

Pontoon connections

9 drums and 2 tanks removed, on derrick barge

3 spreader bars and strops

Flying high!

Sitting on barge

Starboard quarter on barge


Port stern/keel on bar

Recovering port side parts with Veroona (a working heritage vessel)

Engine bed etc washed down

Stbd midship frames

The mess, with Gary Ferris

Looking aft - washed down

Looking fwd - washed down