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Boat Building and Restoration

Over the last 40 years, I have collected a number of articles, excerpts and references relevant to maritime history, ship restoration and maritime safety.

I have recently been downsizing and so have scanned many of these items to save space. A number of these are provided below.


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Title Author Year Topic
Timber Boat Building
late 20th cent.
Notes for the Shipwright apprentice course, includes timber bending, fastenings, adhesives, setting up moulds, framing, planking, caulking, plywood, installation of engines, repairs, wood decay, marine borers, electrolysis, slipping, masts and spars
late 20th cent.
Notes for the shipwright apprentice course. Includes, definitions, line work, layout grid, fairing ships lines, moulds, deck camber, scrieve board, taking off the plank, lifting off bevels, half block model, draught marks, 10th scale lofting, shell expansion, margin plate and transom
Specification for building a 27' Whaler with Drop Keel
Royal Australian Navy
Document was issued for the purposes of tender for construction of a clinker planked 27' Naval Whaler
Catalogue of Yachting Requisites
Nock & Kirby's Ltd
Catalogue of yacht and boat fittings. Blocks, tackle, turnbuckles, steering wheels, navigation lights, searchlights, anchors, shackles, winches, propellers, telegraphs, rollicks, pumps, toilets, lifebuoys, fenders, hooks, ventilators, bells, mast bands, cleats, bollards, swivels, fairleads, stanchions, life jackets, fire extinguishers, boat hooks, ventilators, scrapers, paint.
Timber in Boat Building
Heath & Read (Revised by Bootle)

Seasoning of timber, method of ordering, timber species, durability, plans and specification, fittings, strip plank construction, plywood-chine construction, cold moulded construction, double or multi-diagonal planking, hot moulding by vacuum pressure, timber bending, masts & spars, repairs, sheathing, fibreglass, adhesives, preservatives, plywood for marine craft, wood decay, recognition of decay, treatment of decay, electrochemical corrosion of metals, timber terms, terms used in boatbuilding

Table of boat building timbers
Steven McCracken
Compiled by Stephen McCracken from various sources. A useful resource for choosing the right timber for various applications in boat building.