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Marine Engineering and propulsion topics

Over the last 40 years, I have collected a number of articles, excerpts and references relevant to maritime history, ship restoration and maritime safety.

I have recently been downsizing and so have scanned many of these items to save space. A number of these are provided below.

Unfortunately, a number do not contain details of the book from which they came. Any information that helps to identify the source would be much appreciated.


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Title Author Year Topic
Marine Steam Boilers - Boiler Construction
Early 20th cent.
Describes marine steam boilers
Common defects and repairs to Scotch Boilers
20th cent.
The Indicator - Indicator Diagrams - Engine - Horse Power
Sydney Technical College
20th cent.
Notes from the Steam Engine Operation Course - Lesson 10
The Marine Steam Engine
20th cent.
Paddle wheel design
Modern Steam Practice & Engineering
Winton & Miller
Paddle wheels
A. G. Mumford Compound Engine Catalogue
A.G.Mumford Ltd
Compound steam engines
Marine Steam Boilers - Examination and Defects
Early 20th Century
Examination of and Defects in Marine Steam Boilers
Engineering of the Steam Tug Forceful
Munns, Andrew
Describes the machinery of the tug Forceful and its operation in some detail
A Marine Engineering Review - Past, Present and Future
Brown, T.W.F.
Paper read to RINA. Describes history of steam reciprocating, steam turbine, diesel, gas turbine and nuclear propulsion
An Appreciation of the Triple Expansion Engine
Tubman, G.E.
Description of the history and technology of triple expansion engines
Union Gas Engine Catalogue
Union Gas Engine Co
Describes the specifications and range of models of Union engines and includes examples of vessels so fitted.
Union Gas Engine Catalogue
Union Gas Engine Co
Describes the specifications and range of models of Union engines and includes examples of vessels so fitted.
The Second Motor Boat
The Motor Boat
Short article describing the second motor boat built in 1886 or 1887 and fitted with a 2 cylinder V-type Daimler 4 hp engine
The Hoyt Book on The Lined Bearing
Hoyt and McPhersons Ltd
Describes different metals for white-metal bearings, tinning of shells, heating metal, peining of bearings, pouring metal, strength of adhesion, non-adhesion