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Over the last 40 years, I have collected a number of articles, excerpts and references relevant to maritime history, ship restoration and maritime safety.

I have recently been downsizing and so have scanned many of these items to save space. A number of these are provided below.

Unfortunately, a number do not contain details of the book from which they came. Any information that helps to identify the source would be much appreciated.


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  Title Author Year Topic
  Accidents to spars
19th cent.
Describes how to repair spars on a sailing vessel
  Cutting rigging
19th cent.
Describes how to cut rigging on a large sailing vessel
  Taking in and rigging sheers -Taking in lower masts and bowsprit - Sending aloft trestle trees, tops, caps and cross trees - Taking in and rigging a lower yard - Sending topmasts and topgallant masts aloft - Sending aloft and rigging topgallant and royal masts - Rigging and sending aloft topsail yards - Rigging and sending aloft topgallant yards - Sending out the jibboom - Rigging gaffs and booms
19th cent.
Describes how to lower and raise spars on a sailing vessel without the assistance of shore-side cranes.
  Making and shortening sail
19th cent.
Describes how to set and shorten sail on a sailing ship
  Winds, weather and barometer; and how to foretell weather
19th cent.
Describes how sailors foretold the weather in the era before radio communications
  Modern Seamanship - Spars and Standing Rigging - Sails and Running Rigging
Describes spars, standing rigging, sails and running rigging on square-rigged sailing vessels
  Nicholls Seamanship & Viva-Voce Guide - Sailing Vessel Extracts
Early 20th cent

Sending masts and yards up and down
Management of a sailing vessel under canvas,
Bending, setting, taking in and reefing sails,
Rigging sheers, taking lowermasts and bowsprit in and out,
Management of a sailing vessel under canvas in stormy weather,
Getting under way,
Mooring and unmooring of steamships
Management under anchor
Trade winds and monsoons
Principal sailing routes
Ocean passages, winds and currents

  Admiralty Manual of Seamanship - Extracts pertaining to block & tackle
Blocks, Purchases and Tackle, Masts and Spars
  Under Square Sail - A Manual
A manual for cadets of the merchant service and for yachtsmen.
  The Riggers Guide and Seaman's Assistant
Charles Bushnell
Compass, lead line, log line, ropes, knots, splices, bends, hitches, blocks, straps for blocks, bobstay collars, bowsprit shroud collars, fore stay collars, dead eyes, wire rigging, directions to cut out and fit rigging, truss straps, foot ropes, topsail yards, topgallant yards, royal yards, rig yard arms, rigging sheers, gaffs, booms, studdingsail booms, fitting sails, manoeuvring ships at sea, patent capstan, cables