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Over the last 40 years, I have collected a number of articles, excerpts and references relevant to maritime history, ship restoration and maritime safety.

I have recently been downsizing and so have scanned many of these items to save space. A number of these are provided below.

Unfortunately, a number do not contain details of the book from which they came. Any information that helps to identify the source would be much appreciated.


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Title Author Year Topic
Mackrow's Pocket Book - Sailing (extracts) Mackrow 19th cent Centre of effort, heeling moment, area of sail, effect of a gust, dimensions of masts and spars, diameters of masts and spars, rake of masts, weight of vessels, masts, spars, rigging and sails, hemp and wire rope, sizes of standing rigging, ships' blocks, strength of riveted joints
Name of book to be established Scott-Russell mid 19th cent. How to make a ship handy and easy to steer.
On balance of body and balance of sail.
On symmetry, fashion, and handiness of sails
Balance of Sail - tables giving proportions
The Design and Construction of Small Craft Munro-Smith 1924 Launches, Passenger Vessels
Small Seagoing Craft & Vessels for Inland Navigation Roorda 1957 Small steam tugs
Lloyds Register Rules for Composite Ships Lloyds Register 1876 Provides scantlings for composite ships (iron framed, wood planked) such as the Cutty Sark and City of Adelaide.