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Ship Building and Ship Restoration Topics

Over the last 40 years, I have collected a number of articles, excerpts and references relevant to maritime history, ship restoration and maritime safety.

I have recently been downsizing and so have scanned many of these items to save space. A number of these are provided below.

Unfortunately, a number do not contain details of the book from which they came. Any information that helps to identify the source would be much appreciated.


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Title Author Year Topic
Restoration of the Steam Tug Waratah Mori Flapan 1981 Thesis on the Restoration of the 1902 steam tug Waratah
From Keel to Truck Mori Flapan 1986 Principles used in researching the barque James Craig for the purposes of the vessel's restoration
Shipbuilders of the Ancient World were familiar with the Lathe Rubin, Norman N. 1963 The use of turned fittings on vessels
On coating the bottom of Iron and Steel ships Unknown 19th cent. On coating the bottom of Iron and Steel ships
Naval Architecture - Iron Shipbuilding Unknown 19th cent. Keels, stern posts, stem posts, framing, floors, side keelsons, plating, riveting, beams, carlings, bulkheads, pillars, mast holes, stringers, tie plates, gutter waterways, deck plating, coamings, topsides, rudders, bilge keels,
Nicholls Seamanship & Viva-Voce Guide - Ship Construction Extracts Nicholl Early 20th cent

Ship construction and fittings for masters of vessels. Provides a good general description.

Portable Pneumatic Riveters In Shipbuilding SNAME 1898

Describes the application of new pneumatic riveting techonlogy in shipbuilding.
Note: First page missing. Ref. SNAME Transactions Vol.6 1898

Practical Shipbuilding - Sailing Ship extracts Fincham Mid 19th cent.

Properties of materials - iron, steel, copper alloys, zinc, timber
Parts of a ship
Equipment of Ships -Rudder, anchor and cable, windlass, ship's boats, life-buoys, pumps, ventilators, galley, water-closets, lightning-conductors, lights, water supply, binnacles
Masts, sails and rigging

Practical Shipbuilding - Shipyard Tools Unknown Early 20th cent.

Tools used by bolters, erectors, shipfitters, linermen and regulators
Tools used by reamers and drillers
Tools used by riveters, holders-on, heaters and passers
Tools used by chippers and caulkers
Descriptions of tools

The Making, Shaping & Treating of Steel - Iron McGannon 20th cent. Evolution of Iron- and steel making. Describes in detail the evolution of iron making.
The Modern Practice of Shipbuilding in Iron and Steel Volume 1 Thearle, Samuel J.P. 1902 Volume 1: Plans, laying the blocks, frame angle bars, adjusting frames, water ballast tanks, web frames, sheering the deck lines, bars and chock pieces, bulkheads, shell plating, rivets and riveted joints, bulwarks, topgallant forecastles, deck planking, iron and steel masts, rudders, bulb angle frames
The Modern Practice of Shipbuilding in Iron and Steel Volume 2 Thearle, Samuel J.P. 1902 Volume 2 contains 48 illustrations for Volume 1.
Where to Put the Ship's Name Rubin 1962 The article follows the history of how and where the name of a ship was displayed.
Ship Husbandry RAN ATE late 20th cent. Notes for the Shipwright apprentice course. Includes hull maintenance, examination and tests of hull and structure, organisation, corrosion, watertight closures, ventilation, domestic services, boats, wooden craft & inflatable life rafts, fittings