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Photo: Arthur Crawley

Launch Norfolk


Botany built, and still with the original builder's certificate

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Arthur Crawley wrote on 10 Mar 2009:

Mr Kirby is recently deceased and his boat must be sold.

Unfortunately the condition has deteriorated and much work will be needed to bring her back to sea worthy condition.

She may not survive.

However I thought I would submit the information as we had found the original builders certificate and we have the receipt from when Mr Kirby bought the boat. This boat has in all probability never left Botany Bay as you will note it was built in Botany Road Botany. Mr Kirby bought it from a car dealer who had it moored at Brighton Amateur Fisherman's Club. During Mr Kirby's ownership it was moored in Oatley Bay and then taken home to Hurstville where it hassat for more than ten years.

Arthur Crawley wrote on 11 Mar 2009:

I am a fan of these wonderful old wooden boats and it would be good to see this restored and back in the water.

How much work is needed?

I do not know and can only suggest that someone with knowledge in this area should inspect the boat to provide an accurate assessment. It now has a 186 Holden motor in and connected to the gearbox and prop shaft. However I believe the boat has never been in the water with this engine. The oil in the engine is brand new and I noticed the fuel line is not connected so it could be that the engine has not been run. It was a second hand engine and it was fitted about ten years ago.

I do have more photos and can email them to whoever. Inspection can be arranged by ringing me on 0408 641 852. The boat is in a back yard in Hurstville.

The estate of Mr Kirby have asked me to assist in the disposal.
We will be listing it on eBay but that can wait if you are able to get it out to the wooden boat group.

We are open to offers. The Norfolk must be removed from it present resting place.

Arthur has subsequently advised that he has come across some photos that he believes are early shots of the Norfolk without the awning over the cockpit and with a mast. He also found some sketch drawings that were probably produced by the builder when discussing the look of the boat with the original owner. She certainly appears to be a boat with a good provinence!

Norfolk's future needs to be determined as a matter of urgency! The house where she lies must be sold to settle the estate.


Name: Norfolk   
Material: Wood
Type: Cruiser+Yacht   Propulsion: Screw single
Year built: 1958/03  
Builder: Hall, John H.
Where built: Botany, Sydney, NSW
Engines: Motor 4Cy. Willys Overland petrol, made'42  
Dimensions (ft)—Length: 22 Breadth: 8.33  Depth: 6.17
Decks: Cockpit   Deck Erections: Cw+RFD4.75'  
Number of bulkheads: 1
Stem: Straight   Figurehead: Nil   Stern: Transom 
PORTS and owners: NSW?'58 Gordon Charles Norfolk &Dorothy Pauline Norfolk: '59b09 Sidney Ronald Kirby: '09 estate of S.R.Kirby
Fate/Status— Year: 2009  Type: Stationary  Details: <UNKNOWN or N/A>
History and details: Pleasure launch. Batten seam carvel planked. Built at 1428 Botany Road. Three portlights in port side of RFD. 1959 purchased from car dealer who had boat moored at Brighton Amateur Fisherman's Club. 1959-1990s moored at Qatley Bay. c1997-2009 on hardstand in backyard of owner. 2009/03 for sale.
References (see ArthurCrawley(P)