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Doug North wrote on 25 May 2009

Dear Mori,

I came across your name and boat register after reading the May edition of Afloat.

I am attempting to track down my grandfathers boat with the intention of buying and restoring it to keep at RMYC Newport. I was hoping I could seek your help and advice as apart from the photo I have very little information.

We believe that “Papagayo” was built in the 1930’s and that it was 26 feet in length with a beam of 10-12 feet. My grandfather owned it from the early 1960’s until it was sold after his death in 1972. During this time it was moored in Careel Bay about two thirds of the way from the marina to Stokes Point. Unfortunately we cannot find any registration papers to give us further details. We think the registration number of his 10 foot tender was GL20N but assume this was registered separately.

My grandfathers name was Arthur Percy North and he lived at 16 Currawong Avenue Palm Beach.

Doug North

If you can help Doug then please contact Mori Flapan at Send email