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Tasmanian fishing cutter

The lovely fishing cutter Parappa is currently being lovingly restored by her owner Des Beechey


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Des has the Parappa ashore restoring her lovely Huon pine hull.

Des' passion not only covers the physical restoration of the boat. Des is also painstakingly compiling the Parappa's history.

He has publishes newsletters about Parappa's history and progress that are well worth reading, links for which are provided below.

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Des is always very keen to hear from anyone who might be able to add to the story of the Parappa's history, her builder and previous owners. You can contact Des via the webmaster Mori Flapan at:

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One of the previous owners of Parappa Handy Jager wrote a short history of his family and fishing in Tasmanian waters that mentions the Parappa. The document called "The Needy and the Greedy" can be viewed on the State Library of Tasmania website.

The following information on Parappa is from the Register of Australian and New Zealand Ships and Boats:

Name: Parappa

Type: Fishing

Official No: 151544

Sail No: {49}

Year built: 1915

Builder: Jack, Edward A.

Where built: Trevallyn, Launceston, Tas

Material: Wood

Rig: Gaff Yawl

Rig changes: Aux cutter after 1946

Propulsion: Aux screw

Engine: Motor 10bhp 2Cy.5.25"-6" Union oil engine petrol

Decks: 1Dk

Gross tonnage: 17

Under deck tonnage: 17

Net tonnage: 14

Ports and owners: TASMANIA@'15 Ned &Jack Pulfer: b17 E.Pulfer: HOBART'21 William G.Bowtell: b28b36 W.G.Bowtell Pty Ltd: '36b46b55 Handy E.Jager: '55b98 Scotty Jager: '98b04 Paul Delaney: '04b06 Des Beechey

Registered dimensions: 42.00' x 12.50' x 6.10' depth

Stem: Round

Figurehead: Nil

Stern: Counter square


Status: Stationary 2006

History: Tasmanian cray fishing boat. Centreboard. Designed by A.E.Jack. Carvel planked batten seam 1.25" Huon pine planked over 2"" x 1"" hardwood frames, copper fastened, celery and Huon pine deck. 52' Loa. 6' 9" draft. Engine room 7.7' long.  6.5 knots under power. Name Tasmanian aboriginal word for 'Dolphin'. 1917/01/23 to participate in 1st class fishing boat handicap at 70th Hobart Regatta (the Patriotic Regatta). 1919 won race for first class fishing boats at Hobart Regatta. Hobart No.10 of 1921. Bowtell was fish-merchant of Hobart. 1921-28+ fishing out of Hobart. 1920s cray fishing on east coast of Tasmania, carried dinghies for fishing that had no motor, would take about one day and a half to fill hold. Re-engined on 2 occasions between 1921 and 1955, details unknown. 1936 sold to Lune River, Handy Jager was 16 & worked boat with brother Scotty &father Jack. 1955 first fishing boat in Southern Tasmania to be converted to bermudan rig, rigged as cutter, freeboard raised by one plank, raised fore deck & wheelhouse added, fitted with new motor 4nhp 70bhp 6Cy.3.5""-5"" Perkins diesel, 9 knots under power. 1955-98 worked by Scotty as cray & scale fish boat out of Lune River. 1973 still in operation in Tasmania. 1998 sold to nephew who attempted major refit in 2001 to bring up to fishing vessel survey standard, fitted with aluminium wheelhouse, hydraulic steering, pot hauler & anchor winch. Nil rig by 2004. Fitted with new motor by 2004, 120bhp 6Cy. Bedford diesel, 3:1 twin disc gearbox, DO2m3 FW1t Hw(aft). Rig removed a few years before 2004. Put up for sale when owner decided that vessel would not be competitive against modern cray boats. 2004/02 for sale at Hobart. 2004/09 located at Hobart. 2006/04 on hardstand at Oyster Bay Marina, Kettering undergoing restoration, hull being refastened, caulked & splined.

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