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The tug Waratah is one of the historic vessels of the Sydney Heritage Fleet in Sydney, Australia.


The book “Tug Waratah—A century of steam” has been written to commemorate the Waratah’s 100th year. The book tells the story of Waratah’s building, service history, preservation and restoration. It records the Waratah’s connection with the arrival of the American Great White Fleet at Sydney in 1908, service during two World Wars, collision with the Captain Cook, rescue of the crew of the Thelma and the visit of Alan Villier’s ship Joseph Conrad.


Chapters describe the restoration of Waratah from rust-bucket to a fully operational representative of another era. At the end is a description in simple terms of how the Waratah’s steam engine works.


The book is illustrated with numerous colour and black and white photographs, plus detailed drawings of the profile, engine and steam cycle.


210mm x 297mm.

32 pages plus covers. 

Published by Mori & Kham Flapan
ISBN 0-9581834-0-6
RRP A$19.95 including GST