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Launch Wirake

Eduard, Linda and Jacob have recently bought the launch Wirake




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On 30 July 2012 10:10, Mori Flapan wrote:

I have been do some research at the National Archives of Australia in Melbourne and came across some relevant information. I don't know if your boat was one of these, but it is interesting to find that a batch of motor dories was built for the Royal Navy.

In the latter half of 1945 General Motors - Holden's Ltd at Woodville, SA were engaged in building 43 of the 26' motor dories for the Royal Navy. 7 of the motor dories were to be fitted with Perkins diesel engines and the other 36 were to be fitted with Chrysler Crown engines. A progress report dated 20 August advised that component parts for the 43 motor dories were complete, excepting for a few parts yet to be approved for engine fittings. 25 hulls were in various stages of construction. Two had been fitted with engines (one Perkins and one Chrysler Crown) and were being used by the Engineering Department for developmental purposes. Installation of the remaining 6 boats with Perkins diesel engines was to commence that week. By the end of October it was expected that 30 hulls would be completed (7 fitted with diesel engines and approximately 10 fitted with Chrysler Crown engines). The balance of 13 hulls would be in the final stages of construction.


On 14 May 2012 10:10, Mori Flapan wrote:

Dear Eduard

Some time ago you contacted me about your launch Wirake. I have come across a photo that might be of interest to you.

It shows 26' motor dories mass produced during WW2. Do you think Wirake is one of the dories?

26' Motor Dory under construction at General Motors - Holden's Ltd at Woodville, South Australia Photo: DSTO webpage


In 2008 Eduard wrote:

"Currently operating as much loved family cruiser.

"We are really keen to find out a little more about her as we plan to hold on to her for at least 5 yrs & restore her to her original state/colour.

"Regarding her history, voyages, technical details, incidents, etc; we have very little info, anything at all would be appreciated.

"All we have been told is that she spent time on Sydney Harbour between 1945 & 1947, and has been moved between the Harbour & Pittwater on a number of occasions by new owners.

"The original colour appears to have been white, but all this information is a little hazy... Will send photos - hope that helps. 

"Thank You!

If you know anything about the history of Wirake, please contact Eduard via the webmaster Mori Flapan at:

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