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The author Mori Flapan was Technical Adviser to the National Marine Safety Committee in Australia between 1998 and 2011. The National Marine Safety Committee reviewed commercial vessel standards applicable to commercial vessels in Australia. The existing standards contained in the Uniform Shipping Laws Code were replaced by revised standards under the title National Standard for Commercial Vessels.

The papers can be downloaded in pdf form by clicking on the hightlighted titles below.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in these papers were those of the author, and were not necessarily the views of NMSC, nor any of the participating governments.

Relevant NSCV Reference
Regulatory Reform in the Australian Domestic Industry
Pacific 2002 Conference.
Sydney Feb 2002
General application
Fishing Vessel Safety —A New Approach
Ausmarine East.
Brisbane. Oct 2003
General application
The Safety Gap
Marine Safety 2003 Conference. Brisbane. Sep 2003
General application
Fire Safety Standards for Commercial Vessels
Pacific 2004 Conference.
Sydney. Feb 2004
Part C
Section 4
A New Risk-Based Standard for Domestic Fast Craft in Australia
Hyper 2006 Conference. Launceston 2006
Part F
Section 1
Improvements and updates to Intact Stability Standards applied to domestic vessels in Australia
Pacific 2008 Conference. Sydney Feb 2008
Part C Subsection 6A Subsection 6C
Equivalent solutions – How do they work?
Marine Safety 2008 Conference.
Adelaide. May 2008
Part B
Museum vessels: To be or not to be – In Survey?
Australian Maritime Museums Council Conference. Warrnambool. Feb 2009
General application
What happens when you start getting wet feet? The revised standard for buoyancy and stability after flooding
Pacific 2010 Conference. Sydney. Feb 2010
Part C Subsection 6B
What should be done with Grandad? Discussing the application of new standards to the existing fleet
Marine Safety 2010 Conference.
Perth. Aug 2010
Part B