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The register of Australian and New Zealand vessels is a project that commenced in 2000. There are currently more than 28,000 vessels on the register. Criteria for inclusion on the register are:


  1. Pre 1983: The vessel was owned in Australia or New Zealand prior to 1983 except for :

a)     vessels of 18’ (5.5 metres) or less, or

b)     vessels not having a distinguishing name or number.

  1. The vessel was listed on the British Australian or New Zealand Register (up to 1983)
  2. The vessel was or is listed on the Australian Register of Ships or is owned in Australia or New Zealand except for fishing and recreational vessels of length less than 46 feet (14 metres).
  3. Any vessel of special interest because of its unique construction, history, etc that can be readily identified.
  4. Vessels prior to 1900 that were the property of Great Britain but which were stationed in Australia or New Zealand on a permanent or long-term basis.


The scope of the register includes vessels imported into the colonies built as early as 1750 and vessels built in the earliest days of the Australian colonies.


Each record on the register contains up to 42 fields of information. There is provision for a photograph on the register. It is hoped to publish the register on CD.


The register is not available directly through this website. However, the following options are available.


  1. View a sample page of the Register.
  2. Request for information on a vessel.
  3. Submit information on a vessel.
  4. View a list of Sydney shipbuilders and boat builders.
  5. View a list of Tasmanian shipbuilders and boat builders.