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Tom Hughes is looking for the whereabouts and present status of the yacht he once owned.


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Tom Hughes wrote:

"Burraneer was built in Burraneer Bay in 1911 and sailed in the anniversary regatta of 1912 by Cliff Gale coming 2nd I had the privilege of owning her in 1966/7 a 25 ft (on Deck) sail, masthead rig wooden mast painted aluminium, 4' bowsprit and rudder like a barn door. a 10/12 hp Simplex, no electrics,, some of the ribs were broken aft at the turn of the keel, I kept her in North Harbour (Sydney) and when sold I believe she went to Pittwater. "

Mori Flapan's response:

Prior to Tom's email, there was very little on Burraneer on the register. Only brief mentions in the Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine in Dec 1925 and January 1926 that sys the boat was owned by Coates and Birt in 1925 and that in that year she was retired from racing.

Interestingly, the Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine records a lot of boatbuilding activity in the 1920s in Burraneer Bay by a builder called William Ellis. Most of his boats in the 1920s were hydroplanes but he also built a yacht called Moth and cruiser called Opal, both of them sizeable boats of about 36'. He may have been the builder of Burraneer.

If there is anyone who knows anything about the Burraneer (later  Taeping), where she is now, who built her or any other history of the vessel, please contact Tom Hughes at
or Mori Flapan at:
...Send email  

Also information on William Ellis and the boats he built would be gratefully received.

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The search continues: 5 years after this web page was created, I received the following email.

On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 4:42 PM, Bruce Kemp wrote:

Hi Mori

Just cruising the net and saw the little piece about the yacht Burraneer - first time I've come across anything. I don't know how old the post is, but thought I'd respond anyway.

Frank Coates was my grandfather & although I never saw Burraneer, I have a few photographs of her in her racing days in the early 1920's at Sydney Amateurs and RPAYC. She carried the sail No A11. I also have a couple of small trophies, one of which is inscribed.

From the photo on the net it appears she's had some coachhouse added, maybe when she became Taeping?? I expect there was no motor either when Frank owned her.

I have often wondered what happened to her, and did enquire at Sydney Amateurs some years ago to no avail. At least I now know she was still around in 1966/7.

I ... see quite a bit of Pittwater. Must keep a sharper eye out, just in case.........!

Regards Bruce Kemp