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GOOYONG (1947)

John Gettens wrote:

"I purchased the boat on the 7th July 2003 from Mark West, her name was BEEFA. The engine in the boat was a Pisces 40 1.7 litre Isuzu. The boat had been out of the water since 1997 when I bought it."

"There is one photo of her in Burraneer Bay. The owner was Rex Gosby. He gave me the photo. I would like to know where she was built, at Newcastle Dock Yard, or Goat Island, and what year and any other information that relates to the history of the boat."

John is refitting the Gooyong at his house at Kirrawee, Sydney.

Details from the Register of Australian and New Zealand ships and boats:

Name: Gooyong
Type: Launch
Later Names: Gymea-'84 Beefa-b03 To be renamed Gooyong-'05?
Built: 1947
Where built: Sydney, NSW
Material: Wood
Masts: 1mast
Propulsion: Single Screw
Motor 10/12bhp 2Cy. Simplex petrol
Tonnage: 3.55 gross

Owners: SYDNEY@'47b84 Maritime Services Board of NSW: BURRANEER BAY@p03 Rex Gosby: MIRANDA@b97b03 Mark West: KIRRAWEE@'03b04 John Gettens

Dimensions: 24' x 7.33' x 3.40'
Stem: Raked
Stern: Transom

Status: Under restoration 2005 at Kirrawee, NSW

History: Name aboriginal word for "camp". 6.5kn on trials. Certificate for 5 persons. No.3 carved into transom. 1949-53 used for wharf inspections. Fitted with 22bhp B.M.C. Navigator engine. 1951-55 based in Sydney. 1969 still operating with BMC Navigator engine, awkward gated single lever control, you moved the lever forward to engage gear then I think sideways a bit then back to centre across through a gate system then forward for revs then backthrough the same routine to reduce revs and out of gear then find astern and revs - it was a very unhandy system. 1980 used by bridge & wharf inspectors. 1984 replaced by new launch called Gooyong. At one time on George's River, moored at Lugarno boat shed. Moored at Burraneer Bay when owned by Gosby. 1997-2003 out of the water. 2003/06 derelict at Burraneer Bay, Port Hacking, had been converted used for recreational fishing, many original fittings. Fitted with 40bhp 3Cy. Isuzu 1.7L diesel motor by 2003. 2003-05 engine removed, vessel being rebuilt at Kirrawee, lifted topsides up, new gunwales.

If there is anyone who knows where the Gooyong was built or any other history of the vessel, please contact Mori Flapan at:

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