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Peter recently sent this update on 5th September 2006:

An update on Janlyn II for your site.............actually got a contact from Towoomba who heard about this from a friend in Melbourne, so your site has a pretty wide coverage.

Have found a home for Janlyn II; once I've finished the rebuild! Janlyn II is now undergoing restoration to repair the ravages of time and fresh water. I still require a spinnaker and would prefer to get one that has "aged" rather than get a new one made. I would also like to see if I can get ahold of any plans or period photos of the Lightweight wooden Gwens, pre-alloy spars preferred.

Hopefully we will get a response from someone by Christmas. Let's see what response we get on that.

Thanks again,


PS. A couple of photos for you. The convoy shows us on the way to our "Great Tinaroo Raid" towing Skeeter, a 1off Steve Redman design row/sail boat, a "lapstitch" 14ft ply canoe and a Snowshoe 14, Geodesic Airolite canoe designed by Platt Montford. Look out for the next Australian Amateur Boatbuilder mag for a report.

If you can help Peter please contact him directly at


Original message:

Peter Jones has emailed advising that he has the Gwen 12 Janlyn II that was built by Eric Brown at Cairns, Queensland in 1961.

The boat competed in and won the Australian Junior Championship in 1962 and 1963. Since 1965, Janlyn II has had two owners, Ollie Upite till 1970 and then from 1970 Peter Jones, the present owner.

Peter has retained most, if not all the fittings, the mast and boom and mainsail. Janlyn II needs restoration and is looking for a good home.

Persons interested can contact Peter at

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