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LATURA (1924)

Lew and Lizzie Garnham are looking for further information on the history of their handsome motor launch Latura. They lovingly restored the launch between 1998 and 2003.

The Garnhams have identified a number of previous owners, but want more information on when the boat was in the possession of those owners and anyone who might have been missed.


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Original Name: LATURA
Propulsion: Screw
Type: Launch / day boat
Hull material: Wood (Huon Pine)
Year Launched: 1924
Builder: Bayes Bros
Place built: Battery Point Tas
Machinery type=Motor originally petrol Tilco 2 cylinder petrol, engine, then a Clae[ marinised Ford Prefect, then Holden Grey, currently 35 HP B -Marine diesel
Dimensions: 24' x 7' x2.5' depth

Owners: 1924-32  HENRY INKERMAN FEATHERSTON of Hobart, CLARK of Birches Bay, L. CHOPPING of Woodbridge, B.PRICE of Dover, BRIAN &JOY HOPE of Hobart, DAVID BOYES of Hobart, DR R. RAYNER, B MARDEN of Sorell & Dodges Ferry, 1982-96 PETER & KAY SIERZANT of Dodges Ferry, 1996 to date DR LEWIS GARNHAM of Hobart

Status: Restored and operating at Hobart, Tasmania.

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