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TANGARA (1930s?)

Bruce is refitting the 33' motor cruiser Tangara. He wrote as follows -

"We have just purchased this vessel and would love to find out more about its history. We are told by the previous owner Chris Johnson that it was built in the 1930's and originally came from Sydney Harbour."

"The hull is timber carvel planked (about 1" ) raised deck fastened with copper nails clenched on inside. it has a straight up and down bow and full length keel and is in very sound condition apart from the inside being totally stripped out. it looks to us very similar to a Halvorsen style of cruiser. it has an old Thornycroft 125hp diesel with Paragon 3:1 box swinging a 24" propeller".

Response from Mori:

Tangara was not listed on the RANZS&B. However, a possibility is that the boat was built by John Robinson at East Balmain, Sydney. John Robinson built quite a number of boats of similar type and size in the 1920s and 1930s. His address was advertised as 8 School Street, Balmain. There are a number of photos of boats built by Robinson in the Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine that was published in between 1927 and 1934. Many of his boats were launched without names. A comparison against some of the photos and drawings contained in the magazines might reveal the style is similar, or even might show the actual boat.

A prolific designer of motor and sailing boats of this size in the 1920s and 30s was W.D.Bailey of Como, Sydney. The Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine features one of his designs in almost each issue, at least up to 1928 (which is where I am up to in my research). It might be worthwhile for you to look through the magazines to see whether any are the design for your boat.

If there is anyone who recognizes Tangara, or knows something about boats built by Robinson or designed by Bailey, please contact Bruce at or Mori Flapan at:

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