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The Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania is seeking information on the history of the historic yacht Terra Linna built in 1880. The Guild is restoring the yacht. The Guild was formed in 1993 and since then it has been able to educate, promote and provide an avenue for the passing on of skills associated with historic wooden boats. Members of the Wooden Boat Guild are drawn from a diverse spectrum of skills, from shipwrights to enthusiastic lovers of wooden boats.

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Details of the Terra Linna are as follows:

Name: Terra Linna
Propulsion: Sail
Type: Yacht
Material: Wood
Rig: Gaff Cutter
Year Built: 1881 Jan
Builder: George Luckman
Where built: Hobart, Tas
Decks: Open
Dimensions: 28' x9' x3.9' depth

Owners:HOBART TOWN@'81 Harry W.Knight &George Luckman: '84b01 Harry W.Knight: '05 W.G.P.Beddome: b10 sold: b96 Gerrard Williams: b02b05 Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania

Status: Stationary 2005 & under restoration.

Please send information to:

Peter E Higgs
Wooden Boat Guild Tasmania Inc.

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